Monday, November 21, 2011

Back in the Stacks

Alright my lovely readers whoever you may be I have some news. I am officially working at a bookstore again. After indecision and lots and lots of figuring I have started working at Books-a-million in the old Borders building. It's wonderful to be back working with books again I love it! I find it hard to refer to the store as Books-a-million rather than Borders but I'll get there. The disadvantage of working at a bookstore again is the amount of books I am finding that I want to read. While working in a bookstore you handle a lot of the books so you get to check out a lot of books that you might not normally pick up. My to read list has grown considerably in the last week I have been working at Books-a-million. Another great thing about going back to work at the new store is getting to work with the people I used to work with at Borders. It's great seeing familiar faces and even better getting to meet new ones. Here's to a new adventure and working with one of the things I love the most  . . . books.