Saturday, June 2, 2012

Biographies #2: Happy Accidents - Jane Lynch

I jumped right into this book after finishing "Night". With all the emotion and imagery conjured up by "Night" I needed something light to read before going to sleep. I'd been wanting to read Jane Lynch's biography since it came out so I grabbed it.

Jane Lynch has been the ultimate guest star, a wonder on stage, and laugh out loud scary as Coach Sue Sylvester on Glee. But behind the scenes after the curtain falls there is more to her story. How Jane Lynch discovered she had the acting bug and how she struggled and came to terms with her sexuality.

Ripe with Lynch's well known dry wit and sarcasm "Happy Accidents" is a wonderful journey of how Jane Lynch followed her dream of becoming an actress. More than just another run of the mill celebrity biography "Happy Accidents" also talks about the struggle that is far more common than celebrity, the difficulty in accepting yourself. With wit and humor Lynch talks about the accidents that culminated in getting her where she is today. Though not all of her story is a funny one her writing and ability to accept herself make even parts of the tough stuff funnier. This is a wonderful biography about a truly remarkable person.

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