Sunday, June 3, 2012

Friends n' Family #4: Ender's Game -Orson Scott Card

Okay so in my Friends and Family challenge I have been unable to read as many books this past month as I would have liked to. Also all of my books this past month have been family recommendations except for this one. My roommate Adrienne recommended this book to me along with a great many others. She reads just about everything and her recommendations are all over the map, which I like.

Ender Wiggin is growing up in a world constantly at war with an Alien race known as the Buggars. In a world constantly at war the military needs soldiers and brilliant ones to lead the armed forces and put and end to a neverending war. Ender, along with his brother Peter and Sister Valentine are all candidates to enter the Battle school but for one reason or another both Peter and Valentine are rejected for the program but Ender makes the cut. He is sent into space to Battle school and bred to be a solider. He is only a child but he will be a solider. His brother and sister are also only children but have power all their own. The human race needs a leader and they need it now otherwise humanity as they know it may cease to exist. h

I liked this book. It's not any secret that I like science fiction so this book was pretty interesting. Orson Scott Card weaves an interesting tale about what the future could be like. We have no idea what could be waiting out in space and while a race of bug-people does seem unlikely the threat to Earth  may not be. Now if you haven't decide that I'm completely insane and are still reading this blog than I would like to add Card captured me with an interesting story and a unique one. I loved this book so thank you to my roommate for recommending this book.

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